After disappointing losses against Doxa F.C. and Doxa F.C. Reserves, both First Team and Reserves look to earn three points against Stal Mielec NY. Metro look ahead to their game against NY’s Finest.

First Team | First Team held 4-2, goals by Andre Gayraud and Chris Hobbs

First Team came into the match against Stal Mielec NY looking to get back to winning ways after going down 3-0 to Doxa F.C. the week before. The game started off pretty positive for First Team, there was lots of possession for either side and it seemed the chances would start to come sooner or later. A failed clearance would lead to an early goal for Stal Mielec NY, quickly putting First Team down 1-0. Things were looking up as the half went on though. First Team continued to push forward until finally Paul Nitto found some space in behind the defense. His shot was blocked by the keeper, but resulted in an easy tap in for Chris Hobbs giving giving First Team a deserved equalizer. The boys in blue would add another goal after Andre Gayraud caught the keeper off his line and floated the ball in the back of the net to put First Team up 2-1 at half time.

Unfortunately, the First Team that took the field for the second half was not quite as dominant as that of the first half. Even with help from super subs Jesse Rose, Simon Czaplinski, and the one and only Coach Frank Hauser himself, First Team would allow three unanswered goals in the second half. The final score was 4-2 in favor of Stal Mielec NY. This is First Team’s second straight loss and it’s clear there is room for improvement.

“It’s disappointing we took the loss, a lot of individual focused feedback came out of this game specifically, which I think we need to do more often.” said Simon Czaplinski, “There are a lot of things we can work on both as a team and as individuals, like finding a way to maintain our intensity throughout the game and stay focused for 90 minutes.”

There’s certainly a lot of truth in those words, but perhaps there is also a silver lining as Daniel Weisberger later noted. “We scored two goals against a team towards the top of the table which indicates we have it in us to be at the top as well.” Said Weisberger.

First Team seem to have all the puzzle pieces laid out, they’ve just got to find the best way to fit them together. Their next game will be against F.C. Japan on May 1st, where they will look to avoid another loss.

Reserves | Reserves battle back to claim three points in 2-1 victory

Reserves looked to close out April with a win after suffering their first defeat, a 4-0 at the hands of Doxa F.C. Reserve, the week before. Their opponent, Stal Mielec NY Reserves, would certainly not make it easy for them. Reserves came out of the gate rather slow, but eventually found their footing as the first half went on. Their slow start cost them a goal though, as Reserves headed into halftime down 1-0.

The second half is where things heated up. It wasn’t a dream start for Reserves though as full back Dan Orbegozo suffered a serious injury about ten minutes into the half. It was later confirmed that Orbegozo has torn ligaments in his ankle as well as chipped a bone. A very serious injury that could happen to anyone in this sport. It is likely that Orbegozo will be sidelined for quite some time. We all want to wish him well with a speedy recovery. It was back to the action though as Reserves still had a ton of work to do. Winger Karl Verna did an excellent job of taking on the left full back for Stal Mielec and creating space on the right for Reserves.This allowed Jesse Rose to feed Simon Czaplinski a wonderful pass in the box which Simon converted to make it 1-1.

That was real turning point in the game. From there Reserve had plenty of chances, but the problem was finishing them off. With 10 minutes to go Simon Czaplinski returned the favor to Jesse Rose as he set Jesse up for a stunning goal. That was all it took, final score was 2-1 Reserves. They turned it all the way around and brought themselves back to winning ways.

“This victory puts us back on a winning path. We’ve had an incredible season incurring only one loss so far, having already played all of the top teams. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful to be on a team of guys willing to work so hard game after game no matter the odds.” said Simon Czaplinski.

An incredible show for Reserves. Their next performance will be Sunday May 1st against F.C. Japan. With the way they are playing you won’t want to miss it.

Metro | Metro prepare for their first game in May as season begins to wind down.

Metro will look for their second straight win this Sunday May 1st against NY’s Finest. They’ve had a full week to rest and prepare. With just 4 games remaining in their season, Ali Reza and his team will look to finish strong.