We play together, train together, celebrate together, and go beyond together. 
Join us and become part of something bigger.


Players of any skill and fitness level are welcome to join our community, our teams, training camps, and tournaments, and enjoy additional team and club benefits. 


Beyond F.C. is meant to become your club, your team, your journey and these are the cornerstones of our endeavor:

  1. Provide an outstanding soccer experience - throughout.
  2. Make it as easy and welcoming as possible for players of any skill and fitness level to enjoy soccer in and around New York City
  3. Provide opportunities for players to join individually or with friends and enjoy the perks of being an active member of a real soccer club.
  4. Invite every player to up their game through professional training sessions and camps, technology as well as individual and team feedback
  5. Organize and field teams to play in leagues all across the city
  6. Be flexible and inclusive: Allow players to join the Beyond F.C. experience and benefit from the club's perks without the need to commit to playing on a team or league.
  7. Provide additional opportunities for selected players to try out for our highly competitive amateur teams 


#GoBeyond #BFCNY #WeAreBeyondFC


Play here.
Thrive anywhere. 

Join for only $35/month.

  • Enjoy monthly tournaments and training camps
  • Be part of organized teams participating in leagues across the city (optional, third party league registration fees not included) 
  • Get priority access to BFCNY’s physical therapists
  • Get invited to Beyond F.C. barbecues, parties, events, and group trips to games in and around NYC (including NYRB, NYC, NY Cosmos)
  • Enjoy partner discounts and perks