Beyond F.C. Atlanta

Beyond F.C. is coming to Atlanta with the goal to establish competitive men's and women's teams in the region.

BFC logo_Atlanta_color.png

If interested, please fill out the form below and get invited to a tryout session:

  • Bi-weekly tryouts to begin January 2018

  • The teams will be run by Coach Frank

  • Players must be 18+ by start of the season (apply regardless)

  • Pre-season, weekly training sessions

  • League details, locations, schedules, and more details to follow 

  • Looking for something more casual? Check Soccer Beyond Atlanta for soccer training sessions, soccer bootcamps, camps and private lessons.

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E.g. What league would you like to play in? What fields would you suggest for training sessions? Would you be interested in taking on a team management, captain, assistant, supporting role?